My work offers a visual starting point for critical discourse and debate among
what I view as a politically disinterested populace. It is my attempt to translate, through
imagery, the way in which I view our current state of humanity and the questions I see
surrounding all of us. The answers are left intentionally ambiguous and are less
important then the questions and subsequent conversations. I am torn by the fact that
our government, our lifestyles, our daily habits and their byproducts do not offer others
beauty nor freedom. By offering a critique of our modern culture I hope to encourage
the viewer to become engaged in a world she or he may normally choose not to

Utilizing innovative “new media” processes, traditional printmaking
techniques combined with stencil cutting and materials such as gunpowder,
discarded currency, diamond dust, pastries and found objects each series presents a
unique tension between material process and subject matter. The images offer a
new perspective where the tension of between every element within a piece offers a
path for the viewer to explore the subject matter within the imagery.