A Manifesto for the Turn of the Century


Art is an active involvement with the world around us. It is an attempt to translate through visual media the way in which we view our current state of humanity. In an age where our species is using it’s industrial innovation to destroy not only itself but also the environment, as creators we fail to speak the truth by ignoring this violent reality. Our governments, our lifestyles, our daily habits and byproducts do not offer others beauty nor freedom. It is with these unfortunate truths in mind that we create our art.

Historically artists have been the ones that have offered the most honest glimpse into the world in which they exist. It has only been recently that nihilism and self obsession have perverted our practice and distracted us from the greater verity of our time. Despite past tendencies it is our responsibility to not create yet another visual pacifier. All of the pretty distractions offered by the market place need to be ignored. Our obsessions with consumerism and self pity must be discarded and thrown to the side. We must be critical and engaged for we find ourselves in a dark era. As visionaries and craftsmen it is our duty to be a progressive voice for change rather then a simple escape from it. As outspoken and sometimes abrasive catalysts of consciousness the true artist has always taken risks. Today we do a disservice to the world if we simply offer the viewer yet another distraction.